of a museum’s pieces are out of the public eye

Use biinlab to create apps to share your assets: bring digital technology into your museum!

Show off your collections

With biinlab you can create a digital gallery which displays an infinite number of resources in a small space. Bring digital technologies into the museum!
“It’s easy and fun to use. It makes you want to dig around and learn more!”
Happy visitor, Museum of Modern Art – Saint-Étienne

Augment your exhibitions

Create an app to give your visitors even more in-depth information. Take them behind the scenes of the show they just saw, show them the sketch under a painting, or give them a 360° view of the place being mentioned.


of visitors are satisfied or very satisfied


find the tool to be a complement to the pieces in the exhibition


think the tool has a role to play in a museum

Survey conducted by MuMa – Le Havre in October 2017

Entertain your visitors

Your audience will have a stronger memory of you if they have a good time at your institution. To ensure that’s the case, treat them to a fun, entertaining and surprising experience! Offer them games, quizzes and experiences relating to your subject matter.