Showcase your expertise!

Use biinlab to create apps to promote your resources and skill sets.

Enrich your presentations

The apps you create with biinlab will be perfect tools for presenting your products and services and contextualizing them. biinlab itself is truly a professional presentation tool.

biinlab lets you display effective, attractive information to your visitors.

Valérie, Curator, Médiathèque E. Zola – Montpellier

Create a special experience

A touchscreen app is a good way to enhance your customers’ experience in your stores and showrooms, encouraging them to interact with your products and your brand.

It is extremely convenient to be able to manage your apps and your content in real time through the back office.

Claire, Digital Manager, MuMa – Le Havre


Get to know your customers

When you review your apps’ statistics, you will learn a lot about your customers: which content do they view the most often, which do they choose to share, and so on.