Discover how our users create their apps with yunow


The Museum of Modern Art in Le Havre created an app to allow people to discover works of art inspired by the sea through original illustrations by Gaël Dezothez.

Maison de la Danse

The Maison de la Danse lets its young, and less-young, visitors discover the world of dance, its performances and choreographers, by a series of mini-games.

Hérault’s departmental archive

The Hérault’s departmental archive uses yunow to create apps for temporary exhibits in its media library.


Greater Lyon

Greater Lyon and Erasme used yunow to create an app listing all of the area’s solutions that foster the independence of senior citizens. The app, which is available online, includes a multitude of recommendations, as well as interactive maps.

The media library, Médiathèque Emile Zola

The media library – Médiathèque Emile Zola, in Montpellier has created apps with yunow to showcase its documents and photographs related to the Occitan region.

The Maison d’Izieu

The Maison d’Izieu uses yunow to retrace the lives of the 44 children who stayed in Izieu during World War II, in the form of interactive maps.

Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon

On the occasion of the exhibition “Claudius: an emperor with a singular destiny”, the Museum of Fine Arts produced two applications with yunow. One retracing, with the help of a planisphere, the works of the emperor and the other composed of interactive games for everyone.

National Archeology Museum

For the Henri II exhibit at the Domaine National of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the National Archeology Museum used yunow to create an interactive map. Placed at the entrance of the exhibition, it allows to locate the quarters of the nobles who once lived in this castle.

GRT gaz

GRT Gaz called on yunow to design an application to distribute at trade shows. Via a touchscreen terminal, it allows to fully view its natural gas network with the associated flow rates ranging from 300 to 1000 m3 per hour. The application also allows to download documentation and view various information about the company.

RATP group

RATP used yunow to create an application distributed during the trade fairs to which the group participates. It allows to discover current projects, download documentation and leave contact details for making contact. Paper savings guaranteed!