Puzzle Template

Que puis-je faire avec le Puzzle Template ?

The Puzzle Template allows you to

The Puzzle template allows you to cut up an image into multiple pieces. Your visitors will need to reassemble the picture, like a jigsaw puzzle, within the time allotted. You can choose the number of pieces and the time allotted to complete the puzzle. This game adds a touch of fun to your app and, in particular, allows you to reach a younger audience.


Let your visitors reassemble one of your iconic images. Provide for some amusement.


We recommend using a multi-user table in the lectern mode.

Type of content

We recommend using a multi-user table in the high-top or coffee table mode.


Perfectly suitable for a young audience.

Compatible interactive tools

Puzzle Template : enrichissez votre application



You can use the timer to limit how long a screen in your app can be used.