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1 additional device

10 additional devices

100 additional devices

Fleet of devices

Storage for 1,000 media files

Storage for 10,000 media files

Storage for 100,000 media files

Annual commitment
€250**/month (excl. VAT)
€8.30**/month (excl. VAT)
€80**/month (excl. VAT)
€800**/month (excl. VAT)
By quote
€76**/month (excl. VAT)
€156**/month (excl. VAT)
€416**/month (excl. VAT)
No commitment
€300/month (excl. VAT)
€10/month (excl. VAT)
€100/month (excl. VAT)
€1,000/month (excl. VAT)
€90/month (excl. VAT)
€180/month (excl. VAT)
€490/month (excl. VAT)

Your first app is free! 

Frequently asked questions

What are the limitations on the free offer?
Our free package allows you to test the functionalities offered by biinlab. You can create an app and display it on one of your terminals. It can contain up to 20 pieces of media.
Do you need to know how to code in order to create an app using biinlab?
The biinlab platform runs on templates and allows you to create your apps without having to do any coding! No special development knowledge is necessary: biinlab is an accessible, intuitive tool.
Will my app be accessible without an Internet connection?
Yes. An Internet connection is required the first time your app is downloaded to a device, but once that rollout is complete your app will remain accessible, even offline.
On what devices can I roll out my app?
You can roll out your apps to touchscreen devices running on Windows 10 (Surfaces, touchscreen tables, interactive kiosks, Mosaïque tables, etc.). The iOS and Android versions are currently in development and will soon be released.
Where can I find help on creating my app?
We have set up several support tools designed to help you create your apps. For example, you can check our support platform, write to us at and contact us directly via chat.
Can I use multiple templates in the same app?
The apps are made up of several screens, each of which can be built on a different template. In other words, you can create an app that contains a World Map and a Collection and that ends with a Memory, for example.
On how many devices can I deploy my app?
The sky’s the limit! You can sync your app to as many touchscreen devices as you like.
Can I import videos into my app?
Yes! You can import videos (MP4 format recommended), images and audio files.