Labels game template

Que puis-je faire avec le Labels game template ?

The labels game template allows you to

The Labels Game is a template that asks your visitors to try to place the caption labels under the right items. It is a fun way for your audience to fill in gaps in their knowledge. With this template, you can, for example, display an image of a geographic area where the place names need to be put back in the right locations.


Let your visitors place captions on an image. This is a thinking game.


We recommend using a multi-user table in the high-top mode.

Type of content

For this template, the relevant content could be maps, paintings, plans, etc.


Suitable for all audiences (the level of difficulty may vary, depending on the elements that you select).

Compatible interactive tools

Labels game template : enrichissez votre application



In some game templates, you can activate and define a number of lives, after which the game will end.



You can use the timer to limit how long a screen in your app can be used.