My 4-step app

Import the photos and documents you want to present

Once the documents are downloaded, I fill their information: description, date, location.

Of course. In the “media library” part of biinlabstudio, you can import photos, videos, audio tracks, gifs and soon 3D images.

biinlab is connected to the RMN. So you can access its content from our platform and download it for use in your apps.

We are currently in discussions to connect the Decalog and INA databases with biinlab in the near future.

Step 1 app biinlab
Step 2 app biinlab

Choose your application model

Choose a model from the model library: an interactive planisphere, a timeline, a game, etc.

The apps are made up of several screens, each of which can be built on a different template. So you can create an app with a Planisphere, a Gallery and ending with a Memory for example.

We currently offer 10 models including several games (memory, puzzle etc.) and work every day to offer you new ones.

Our models have been designed to be hijacked and customizable to the maximum. By modulating the different models you need, you’ll create a unique, tailored application.

Personalize your app to your needs

Choose your app’s typography, colors and background image.

You can choose the colors of your app’s theme. So you can select the colors that match your chart and customize your background set with your own illustrations or photos.

biinlab integrates Google Translate, Google’s free translation tool.If you’d rather have your content on biinlab translated by professionals, a paid plaform can be used.

All of our models have been developed to meet multiuser use. Users can view your apps alone or together.

Step 3 app biinlab
Step 4 app biinlab

Stream your app to your touch devices

Install your app on your touch devices and make them available to your visitors.

You can deploy your app on any touch media: table, tablet, kiosk, smartphone, etc.

You can deploy an app on as many devices as you like. The broadcast is not limited.

Yes. An Internet connection is required the first time your app is downloaded to a device, but once that rollout is complete your app will remain accessible, even offline.

Your app is finished.
Show it to your visitors!

Frequent questions

Creating an application in 30 minutes is possible, depending on your project, the means and resources you have and the time you want to devote to it.

Of course not, biinlab works from templates and allows you to create your applications without coding! No development knowledge is required: biinlab is an accessible and intuitive tool.

We have set up several support tools designed to help you create your apps. You can check out our support platform, or write to and directly on our ‘cat’.

In your biinlab space you can find usage statistics for each of your applications (number of sessions, most viewed screens, time of use, etc.).

Be free to create the app you want. Try it for free.