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We have created several templates that are particularly well suited to cultural mediation apps. Show off your resources by choosing the one that fits you best!


This template takes the form of points of interest placed on a background image: let your imagination run wild to display an infinite number of resources More information

World Map

This template allows you place points around the world: add media files here and take your visitors on a journey of discovery More information


This template is perfect for providing your visitors with a large number of resources: let them browse your images using cross-referenced filters, friezes and categories More information

Enrich browsing

biinlab has multiple tools designed to allow your visitors to interact with your content.  Learn more!

Chronological frieze

This tool allows you to change how items are displayed, depending on their dates.


Categories are used to sort resources and display the content of your choosing.

Organize your content

biinlab gives you several ways to present your content. Choose the form that will correctly transmit your information.

Standard form

One or more media files and texts can be embedded in this form. You can also add legends and additional information to that content.

Sequence form

This form groups several forms together in an order that you predefine, so you can share content in a logical or chronological sequence.

Roll out your app

Once you have created your app on biinlabstudio, all that’s left for you to do is to share it! To do that, download biinlabvisio from your app store, select the app you want to display, and let your visitors enjoy it!

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