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Educational workshop

Discover IHOI's educational workshops

L’Iconothèque Historique de l’Océan Indien (IHOI) is a website from the island of Réunion which assembles and diffuses antique pictures coming from regions of the Indian Ocean.

IHOI has gathered nearly 20.000 pictures and has developed digital educational workshops to offer it to students in an interactive way.

Groupe d'élèves travaillant autour d'une table tactile au CDI
New teaching method

Offer an innovative and funny teaching method

Suggest new learning methods with funny applications combining discovery and game.

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“It’s great to have control over your app, to be able to design its interface the way you want it and, in that way, to meet your needs in full.”

Claire, Digital Manager, MuMa – Le Havre

Promote collaboration

Boost cohesion

Thanks to yunow, you can create multi-user apps that encourage mutual support within groups.

Find some applications created by museums for your school.

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Groupe d'élèves autour d'une table tactile
Élèves manipulant une application tactile dans un établissement scolaire
Open and intuitive

Take advantage of flexibility

The secret to produce effective teaching applications ? Teachers. With yunow, you can create your own apps. You can then update them quickly, adapt them to your different audiences and refresh them easily.

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