Qui sommes-nous ? Biinlab

Our skill sets

Our two core skills, design and development, allow us to offer you innovative solutions, whether to guide your visitors, present your products or enrich your exhibitions. We place the user at the heart of the design process: we conceive our solutions to be absolutely intuitive. By focusing our imagination on people, we are able to design products that foster sharing, exchanges and learning.

Our history

Since 2011, biin — the bureau of new ideas — is an interactive design firm which devises solutions for making the most of data which are all too often untapped. Backed by our initial success with iGirouette, now developed and operated by Charvet Digital Media, we came up with biinlab to transmit enriching content to users.

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Qui sommes-nous ? Biinlab
Web application pour le musée d'art contemporain de Lyon

Creative services

After a first approach thanks to the Erasme living lab, we began to orient our development work towards cultural institutions, with the aim of livening up their tour paths and of showcasing the wealth of their resources. Many custom projects have come out of this commitment to culture.

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