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Your Resources Are Unique… So Share Them!

biinlab is a digital mediation solution that allows you to create all sorts of touchscreen apps. It lets you show all of your untapped resources to your visitors, in a simple, interactive way.

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Your app in just 3 steps

Step 1

Import the photos and documents that you want to display

Once you’ve uploaded your documents, input their metadata: descriptions, dates and locations

Start importing your files

Step 2

Create your app from a template

Choose a template from the library – an interactive world map, a timeline, a game, etc. – and then personalize it Explore the templates

Step 3

Distribute your apps to your touchscreen devices

Install biinlab on your touchscreen devices and make your apps available to your visitors and customers

Do you have the equipment?

Yes, I already have equipment.

The apps created in biinlab can be accessed from a variety of touchscreen devices. Contact us to confirm compatibility.

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Vos applications sur tous vos appareils tactiles

No, meet

Meet Mosaïque, a multi-user touchscreen table. It is modular and was designed to handle heavy usage.

Meet Mosaïque

Vos applications pour tables tacitiles

Your first app is free

Enjoy access to all of the functionalities offered by biinlab, with no time limit and no commitment!

  • Create your first app using our 10 customizable templates
  • Roll out your app in just a few clicks
  • On any device and online
  • Off-line mode